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In the month of September, a free medical camp was conducted in Gobardhan Village, with the aim for providing free healthcare services to the local population. The medical camp was staffed by two dedicated doctors, Dr. Shivashish Deka and Dr. Nabasmita Deka accompanied by three nurses, who worked tirelessly to attend to the health and needs of the community. A total of 166 participants were benefited through this camp making the medical camp a significant success. The success of the medical camp was made possible through the commitment and dedication of the medical team and active involvement and participation of the Gobardhan Village community. On September 17, 2023, another Medical Camp was held in Baikuntho Nagar LP School. The health checkup started around 11 AM. A medical team of members treated 11 participants having mind health problem. The participants belonged to diverse backgrounds, including adults, children and elderly people. The common health problems were high blood pressure, gastritis, heat rash etc. With the support of dedicated medical professionals, the event provided essential medical services and health education to all participants, making a positive impact to the community.