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Republic day
Republic day was observed in FAsCE Supplementary Education Centres on January 26, 2023. On the occasion, National Flag was hoisted in the presence of teachers, students, village head, SHG leaders and community members. The students sang national anthem as a mark of honour and patriotism. The special occasion was celebrated in the centres of Narengi, Bongaon, Ekrabari, Suwaliluka and Sampathar. The youth of AmsingJorabat organized patriotic celebration and national flag was hoisted byDebendroKro. DubharenEngleng, Gram Pradhan spoke on the occasion to bring unity among the various communities. Similar event was organized by SHGs and FAsCE Supplementary Education Centres of Geetamandir, Forest Gate and Gobardhan.

The teachers and students of Chapar observed the special day in their respective centers. The community members and local leaders participated in the celebration to mark the day the Constitution of India came into effect. The patriotic dances and skits added colour to the celebration.